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Experience Your Connection To All That Is

Guidance, Insight and Healing

The records are a higher realm, a vibrational storage place of all of your thoughts, feelings, actions and choices spanning all of your many lifetimes. Connecting to your records brings you to a heightened state of vibration. There is an increase in your energetic scale allowing you to receive not just words and information, but a higher plane of energy.

Your records are not to keep score or judge you. They are neutral and objective. As the overall consciousness of humanity increases, more and more people are able to access the Akashic Records; more and more people are able to receive fully, the power, blessings, love and support available to them from their Record Keepers, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.

The Records do not tell you what to do, rather empower you to choose what you most want to do. Your Akashic Record is constantly being updated as you make choices and take actions. Your future is not set in stone, it is a field of limitless, infinite possibilities and potential. You are the universe and the universe is you.

Connect With Your Spiritual Support Team

Your Masters and Teachers in the Records will help guide you to the information that serves you most, and I may ask questions on your behalf if I feel they are wanting to share something but you haven’t framed a question in a manner to receive such information. The Keepers of the Records will never give you information you are not ready for, and often, more important than the words they share is the energy they are embedded in.

Don’t Take My Word For It

"I’ve had many different types of readings in the past, some with nationally recognized individuals, but I’ve never experienced any reading as powerful as Andy’s Akashic Records reading. I received exactly what I needed at this point in my life!"

Brad Hudson

Shaman Practicioner at

"My akashic reading with Andy Grant was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Amazing is an understatment!"

Alissa Coomer


"The Akashic Record experience has been so transformative and amazing.  The insight and expanded understanding of my journey and life situation is making a rough time a little gentler and softer for me.  I feel lighter and freer.  Even though my questions were serious, the energy you helped to bring in was joyful and loving and it’s still with me."


Awesome Person

Here's What You Can Expect From An
Akashic Records Reading

  • You will be able to communicate with your Guides, Teachers and Loved Ones in Spirit
  • You will recieve insight, guidance and healing that best serves you
  • Far more powerful than any words shared is the energy itself which you will experience
  • If 10 minutes into your session you think this isn't for you, I'll stop and refund the entire fee
  • If you session ends in 30 minutes or less, you'll be refunded half of the fee
  • Within 24 hours you will receive an MP3 recording of your session so you can listen again as often as you like

Make Time For YOU!

An Akashic Records Reading with Andy Grant Allows You To Access Your Truth

"I have received insights phrased in a way that I can really USE… Each and every message hit home and I am so happy to now have insights that will launch me forward with softness… aaaaaah!
I can genuinely FEEL how my session with you has opened a part of my world that I have been struggling with."
~ Tanya Arler, Motivational Speaker, Facilitator & Coach at

I look forward to personally guiding you to a deeper, more powerful experience of yourself.

Be well,

Andy Grant